Martinho Correia’s artwork results from rigorous, directed observation of the human form using only the artist’s eyes, wits, and knowledge. His artwork is both classical and realist – a fantastic, systematic, and radical example of art that is a new image, from new images as experienced by the artist. We should note the very long academic tradition of art that that implies, and how such artworks take quite a long time to create. Thus it may be most accurate for us to recognize that Correia’s work results from thousands of studies of his models, many visual exposures combined into one coherent new image. Such age-old painting traditions allow Correia’s work to be astoundingly realistic, making every muscle, structure and texture of the human form’s representation lead to a distinct and delicate psychology. By focusing on the perceptual, Correia’s work makes it possible for us to feel that we are immediately in the presence of the portrait, the figure, and the humanity of each individual in his art.

Gregory Schecklor
Assistant Professor of Visual Art
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts